I'm currently at Remeeting working on speech recognition.

I recently graduated from UC Berkeley, where I majored in Applied Math and Computer Science.

During undergrad, I was active in Innovative Design, for better or for worse. I organized the CMYK Designathon in 2015, co-led a photo tier team, and taught two photo decals. I was also involved with The Berkeley Forum during its nascent years.

I'm interested in robotics, signal processing, and problems related to urban studies. My parents still don't understand why I was never a history and media studies major.

The best way to get in touch with me is via Facebook Messenger, where I'm notoriously always online. Alternatively, you can reach my email at megatron@berkeley.edu

Here are some more interesting important facts about me.

  • I have the same birthday as Miley Cyrus.

  • I'm facebook friends with a former producer of the Oprah show who was in charge of the episode where they gave everyone a new Pontiac g6.

  • Charlie Brand, lead singer of the Miniature Tigers, gave me a piggy-back ride at one of their concerts.

  • I once had dinner with creator of The Sopranos David Chase and his wife.

  • I got the four members of Hiatus Kaiyote to sign my copy of Lolita. I later got Nai Palm to sign it again.

  • I met the youngest ever PBA champion on a flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles.

  • I've watched every single Gordon Ramsay video on Youtube multiple times. In spite of this, I am, by all measures, still a terrible cook.